Emily (ajeepthing) wrote,

Letters Not Sent

Dear Matt Newton,

I know you have no idea, but you are my favorite person in my drawing class. You're just so country, the epitome of what I think Kentucky is, and by no means is that a bad thing at all. I think we could be good friends if you didn't work so much. Good luck with your graphic design career!

Dear Garrett,

You are the greatest artist that I have ever met. I know you were originally thinking about not continuing with art, but I really hope you have reconsidered. You would make a great graphic designer, or anything art related actually, because you have such crazy ideas! I'm jealous of your talent, and I would love to see you continue.

Dear Corey, Lauren, and Ally,

I really will miss our Spanish classes together. I know this semester kinda sucked, but you guys made it bearable.

Lots of Love,
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