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[03 Jul 2010|12:57am]
Day 04- Your favorite solo- Tie between “Safety Dance” (kind of a solo) and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl”. Oh, and Puck’s solo in “I Wanna Sex You Up” SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!

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[01 Jul 2010|08:36pm]

Day 02- Your favorite male character- Kurt Hummel!  He's just so fabulous and always has the best lines and I just want him to be happy... Can't wait until next season, his boyfriend better be HAWT.

Day 03- Your favorite group performance- “Push It” gets me every single time. I also love “My Life Would Suck Without You”. Oh, and the mash ups in Vitamin D, of course, because Finn on drugs is HILARIOUS.

"Push It"

"It's My Life/Confessions"

"Halo/Walking On Sunshine" Sorry for bad quality video.

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GLEE 30 DAY MEME [29 Jun 2010|11:19pm]

Day 01- Your favorite female character- Tina 100%! She's the nicest, and the funniest, and the least annoying of all the girls. Plus she is adorable in her goth outfits and I love her and Artie tooooo much.

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[25 Jun 2010|11:26pm]
I've officially switched over.

I'm sure many of you have a Tumblr already (I'm always the last person to get something lol).

Mine is http://e-kondras.tumblr.com/

Welcome to follow me, I'll definitely follow anyone who has one.

Good day!
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life story entry [19 Jun 2010|01:03am]
How Taquan Dean Helped Me Make the Best Decision of My Life: The College YearsCollapse )
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life story entry [19 Jun 2010|12:57am]
For those who don’t already know, baseball is my life.

Just one chapter to my life storyCollapse )
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LIFE STORY? [15 Jun 2010|01:35am]

I'm trying to write my life story so far but it's harder than I had expected. I mean it's not that I don't know what to write... I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH TO WRITE! For anyone who has met me, they know that I have lots of interests and I get crazy over a lot of things. I just don't know where to start! I love so many things that I don't want to leave stuff out because if it's important to me then it belongs in a life story, right?

Any suggestions would be helpful and LOVED!
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[14 Jun 2010|07:16pm]
FORZA ITALIA! Not the best game... but a point is a point! DeRossi's goal almost makes up for the fact that he looks like a hockey player growing a playoff beard... just terrible.

Exhibit A.

And Buffon might be out for the next couple games which would be NOT GOOD.

Portugal and Cote d'Ivoire play tomorrow which should make for a good match, especially if Drogba decides to play with his broken arm.

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[14 Jun 2010|12:05am]
Germany is DOMINATION. I almost cried tears of happiness because my puppy PODOLSKI scored the first German goal of World Cup 2010! Not really, but I did do a victory lap around the house. Germany ended up winning four to zero against Australia! Good start for Deutschland.


Italy plays tomorrow at 1:30! HOLLA!
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Letters Not Sent [21 Apr 2010|03:07pm]
Dear Matt Newton,

I know you have no idea, but you are my favorite person in my drawing class. You're just so country, the epitome of what I think Kentucky is, and by no means is that a bad thing at all. I think we could be good friends if you didn't work so much. Good luck with your graphic design career!

Dear Garrett,

You are the greatest artist that I have ever met. I know you were originally thinking about not continuing with art, but I really hope you have reconsidered. You would make a great graphic designer, or anything art related actually, because you have such crazy ideas! I'm jealous of your talent, and I would love to see you continue.

Dear Corey, Lauren, and Ally,

I really will miss our Spanish classes together. I know this semester kinda sucked, but you guys made it bearable.

Lots of Love,
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[16 Apr 2010|11:38pm]

Yes, I am Dr. Spencer Reid, and no I did not cheat... I SWEAR. <3
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[15 Apr 2010|12:02am]
I saw Trevor today and got really happy. He was sitting by Maggie, Toni, and I while we were eating Subway outside the red barn. He was watching us for a while before he jumped into the garbage can and went diving around for some food. Trevor came out a few minutes later with a whole fry in his hand! Lucky guy! Some girl threw him her pizza too. Stupid... Trevor is my squirrel... not hers. Plus he don't need no handouts... Trevor does quite fine on his own, thank you very much.

I wish I still updated my lj... but I have a real journal... and listography is so much more enticing.


if ya wanna check it out!

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A letter I wrote a while ago to an employee working at a food place on campus [11 Apr 2010|07:36pm]
Dear MacAllister’s Employees,

I cannot believe that I seriously had to wait forty-five minutes for my food this evening. And when you finally brought it out to me, you had the nerve to not even apologize for my FORTY-FIVE MINUTE WAIT! I mean seriously. How long does it take you to pour a bowl of fucking soup?! I could have had a pizza delivered from Papa Johns faster. Are you people completely idiotic? I guess I should not be surprised. You people obviously are too insanely stupid to have a real career so you spend your life making people wait forty-five minutes to get their damn food. Please die in a fiery explosion.


Sometimes writing letters you never plan on sending really does help. :)
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Lists [10 Apr 2010|01:33pm]
Things I want to do this summer
-run a 10k plus other 5k races
-start a garden and a compost heap
-paint murals in my room
-meatless mondays
-go on epic bike rides every day that I don't run
-read the real classics... 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Time Machine, a Picture of Dorian Gray
-learn to cook
-baseball baseball and more baseball
-walk the dogs... or run with scout
-xc/track scrapbook
-CAPS leader
-get money, get paid
-write my life story to date
-Michael Crichton

Reasons why I'm excited for next year
-photography class!
-being the secretary for GRASS
-Following the Forks... an honors seminar where I get to go on four weekend excursions canoeing down the Forks River
-living in a nicer place than Threlkeld... cooking my own food... having my bike at school... a real room to myself...
-better food next year
-hopefully have an executive position on NSCS
-mentor with either CFES or Brooklawn... or find somewhere else to mentor
-possibly join the polo team... I'm not sure if I'll have time though...

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[08 Apr 2010|09:54pm]
I love jellyfish! I'm making many many many jellyfish out of plastic water bottles and other garbage that I find for my final 3D project. I bought some old lampshades from Goodwill to use for GIANT jellies!

Yesterday I was running my normal three mile loop around campus and I saw this guy running up the Denny Crum Overpass as I was running down the hill and then I saw him AGAIN when I was finishing my run. We both had a good laugh! It kinda made my day.

Did I mention that I love GRASS? Because I do. We had a meeting today and I am extremely excited for next semester. I was "elected" Secretary... well sort of... considering there was only one candidate... me. :) I can't wait to get some good environmental lovin' going on at school. The new VP, also named Emily, seems really nice, plus all the old people are still there... Olivia, Kaycee, John...

Mi clase de espanol tiene una Marcha por Cesar Chavez durante nuestro clase esa dia. Nosotros llevamos blanco porque es el color se significa paz. La marcha fue un suceso, yo creo, porque muchas otras personas tengan interes en nuestro huelga.

There is this huge book sale going on and I found the ONLY Michael Crichton book in the whole damn place and bought if for a dollar. And then I realized I already read that one. Fail!

The end!
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[28 Mar 2010|11:21pm]
November 22, 2005. The day I truly fell in love with Michigan State basketball. It was the Maui Invitational and I had randomly turned on the TV and started watching the game. The Spartans were playing Gonzaga in the final game of the tournament. Last year was my first year following college basketball, the year that the University of Illinois made it to the national championship and lost to North Carolina. Michigan State had lost to North Carolina in the Final Four that year. Come to think of it, the 2005 Final Four is really representational of who I am. Illinois- my home state, Louisville- my college, Michigan State- my favorite team, and North Carolina- the axis of evil in my opinion. But back to the Maui Invitational, my all time favorite Spartan, Maurice Ager, had drained a clutch three pointer to send the game into overtime! It was a love at first sight, I knew that Mo Ager was the guy for me. The Spartans ended up losing in TRIPLE OVERTIME, but this loss was not the end of my undying love for MSU basketball. The Spartans lost in the first round that year. They were a number 6 seed, but lost to George Mason, a team that would end up in the Final Four. It was the senior year for Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown, and Paul Davis, the three guys I first began to love. It was sad, as it always is sad when your children start to grow up, but I moved on and watched the NBA draft in anticipation to see where all my boys would end up. Last year an odd thing happened, Shannon Brown came to Chicago and played for the Bulls, much to my delight. Unfortunately it did not last long, but it was an enjoyable year for me. Mo Ager Bomb will always be my number one Spartan. The next year had another interesting twist, as my dad and I were coaching my brother's basketball team and as luck would have it, we were Michigan State! It was a tough year and we only had two wins going into the tournament. Much like the real Spartans, we were the team that wouldn't die, and after losing the first game in the tournament, we won five straight to win the championship! It was won of the best moments in my life because seeing the joy on your kids' faces is too amazing for words. The real Michigan State didn't fare quite as well, losing in the second round of the tournament. Now there were some new emerging players who were finally getting their chance to shine with the big names gone. Drew Neitzel (Neitzilla) and Marquise (and the Dunk Police) Gray were two standouts in my heart. The 2007-2008 the Spartans improved a bit, moving on to the Sweet 16. It was the last year for Neitzilla, one of the original guys that made me love the Spartans. But alas, I moved on, just as my boys must move on! And move on they did! 2008-2009 was a standout year for the Spartans! This is the year I legitimately followed the team. I was torn in the tournament, for as luck would have it number one seed Louisville (the college I would be attending) and my favorite team seeded number two, Michigan State, has to play against each other! Michigan State ended up victorious, much to the dismay of Terrence Williams and the Cardinals. They battled their way to the national championship and their opponent was the much feared North Carolina. The Spartans fought with all their heart but were defeated at the hands of Tyler Hansborough. At least I can say that the Spartans were by far the more attractive team, but unfortunately that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I will always love my boys though. The senior, Travis Walton, has a spectacular tournament. My other seniors, Idong Ibok (THE DONGER) and Goran Suton would be greatly missed as well. The youthful team had much to learn, and I couldn't wait to see them start the 2009-2010 season. It was Raymar Morgan's senior year, time for him to pull out all the stops and really shine. My man, Ray Ray, did just that! He has pulled this team together, through good and bad, to a second straight final four appearance. Juniors Chris Allen, Kalin "TOO EASY" Lucas, and Durrell "Summertime" Summers were other key components to keep the dream alive. How many times have we asked "HOW EASY IS IT?" and the team responded "TOO EASY". Through good times and bad, the guys persevered. Returning sophomores Dray "Dancing Bear" Green, Korie Lucious, Delvon Roe, and Austin Thornton rounded out the team, along with freshmen Derrick Nix and Garrick Sherman. Korie Lucious (pronounced Lush-Us, get it right people) will go down in history for that buzzer beater shot against Maryland! The Dancing Bear has been solid all season, and Summertime absolutely lit up for the tournament, scoring 18 points in 21 points in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games. Durrell CAN I HAVE YO NUMBAAAAA? Kalin "Cool Hand" Lucas has been plagued by injuries for the past few weeks but the final blow came with a torn Achilles tendon during the second round game. Kalin will be missed but he can still lead his boys from the bench, and they have the will to win this even without his presence on the court. Whatever happens, I will love this team through good and bad. Good luck in the Final Four, guys!
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[23 Feb 2010|03:52pm]
Fratelli Italia
Italiaaaaa se desta
Del'ellmo di Scipio
se cintaaaa la testaaaa
Dove laa Viittooorrriaaa
La pooooorgaaaaa la chiioooomaaaa
Che schiava di Rooomaaa
Iddiioooo la creeeeo.

The Italian and Canadian National Anthems are my favorites by far (after the good ol' Star Spangled Banner of course)!

I flew home last Thursday for the weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN! Watched my main man Johnny Weir and his amazing long program routine... too bad he got sixth bcuz he deserved the damn BRONZE MEDAL! Whatever... he's to fabulous for the stupid judges anyway... and congrats to Evan Lysacek bcuz he is beast... and from Naperville HOLLA! But really I've been Youtubing Johnny Weir non stop... he's addicting!!! And adorable! Friday I woke up late and went to Mitsuwa with Mother and Melissa. Mmmm I love miso soup and mochi! Soooo good. We explored the grocery store for a while and then went to el Bravo Panaderia for some deliciousness. After that I just hung out with Wyatt and I can't remember what else happened... oh yeah we ate spaghetti and watched Drag Me to Hell aka the most hilarious scary movie EVER! It was seriously one big joke... no lies. I'll never look at buttons the same way! Saturday was the basketball game and it was HELLA AWESOME! Omggg... there were more Louisville fans at the game than Depaul fans. Hahaha. "Oh, there goes the shutout!" The ghost of Bernie Mac... and I highfived him! I got a handshake from the lady in front of us too. The guys ended up winning by about 8 or 10. My man Reggie put the dagger in the Blue Demons with an awesome three at the end of the game. There were an insane amount of gingers and airballs at the game! The team walked over to wave at all the Louisville fans after the game and Edgar Sosa blew me a kiss! Well it was to the crowd but I know it was directed at meeee. Oh yeah MIKE BIBBY! After the game we ate pizza at Lou Malnati's then pretty much watced tv until it was time for APOLO to race. Damn Canadian Francois Hamelin knocked out mini Apolo aka J.R. Celski but at least Apolo got the bronze! Seven medals... the man is ridiculous. After that we watched Borat I AM VERY EXCITE and some stuff on tv before sleepytime. Sunday I went shopping with Mom in the morning for school stuff and at Franks for lunch and then headed out to O'Hare for my flight home. A delightful weekend!

"When I'm good, I'm good but when I'm bad, I'm better." ;)
-Johnny Weir
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[15 Feb 2010|12:37am]
Sooooooooo I watched NASCAR for six hours today... haha not really but that is how long the race lasted due to two red flags because part of the track was ripping up. Oh Daytona, you never fail to impress me. But it really was a good race when they guys were actually able to race!!! Restrictor plate racing never fails!

They may not have gotten top five in the Daytona 500, but they'll always be the top five in my NASCAR heart!Collapse )
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[14 Feb 2010|01:51am]

Apolo and J.R. are toooooo adorable. :D
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[14 Feb 2010|01:35am]
First off. R.I.P. Nodar Kumaritashvili. What a terrible loss of a young life. I literally cannot believe that they showed the video of his death... not once but multiple times. All without proper warning. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR MEDIA? Seriously, how disrespectful can America be to the poor man's family and country. No one wants to see that. And people who do should be ashamed of themselves... NBC finally decided that they are not going to show the video anymore... They should not have shown it in the first place but at least they're stopping now.

Now. The first day of the Olympics. Apolo Anton Ohno is seriously my true love. Short track speed skating is such an awesome sport... I always forget how great it is over the break between Olympics. Won the silver today in the 1500 meter in an amazing race! And J.R. Celski with the bronze. He is mini Apolo for sure... only 19 years old. He is adorable. Can't wait for the rest of the races!

Aaaaannnnnnnnd for the Nationwide race at Daytona my man Tony gets first place! He is so good, it's not even funny. I hope this is good luck for him tmrw!!! Danica got wrecked and Dale Jr. was in a huge crash but luckily he was all good.

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