Emily (ajeepthing) wrote,


Things I want to do this summer
-run a 10k plus other 5k races
-start a garden and a compost heap
-paint murals in my room
-meatless mondays
-go on epic bike rides every day that I don't run
-read the real classics... 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Time Machine, a Picture of Dorian Gray
-learn to cook
-baseball baseball and more baseball
-walk the dogs... or run with scout
-xc/track scrapbook
-CAPS leader
-get money, get paid
-write my life story to date
-Michael Crichton

Reasons why I'm excited for next year
-photography class!
-being the secretary for GRASS
-Following the Forks... an honors seminar where I get to go on four weekend excursions canoeing down the Forks River
-living in a nicer place than Threlkeld... cooking my own food... having my bike at school... a real room to myself...
-better food next year
-hopefully have an executive position on NSCS
-mentor with either CFES or Brooklawn... or find somewhere else to mentor
-possibly join the polo team... I'm not sure if I'll have time though...

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